Each of us get a chance to experience the human existence. We are blessed to enjoy our momentary journey in South Africa. 

The picture above is just one of many memories myself and Andrea my beautiful wife were blessed to experience together.

We have travelled this road numerous times over the years, and between all the road works, road blocks, toll gates and trucks, this was one of those rare moments where it was just us travelling on this stretch of road.

This was also one of the moments where I was assessing the role I was playing in my game of life with its own twists, turns and obstacles I had experienced in my 3.6 life versions on planet Earth. On what level was I in each area of my life? We’re there areas that I neglected? Is there more to my life than working 40 hours a week and everything in between?

At some point in time everyone stops to assess their lives and to puzzle out the purpose of their existence. The more I thought about this whole process, I realised that we typically start at the wrong end – Ourselves.

Computer games make it look easy. Create your character, select some abilities and you will  discover your life’s meaning. If it were easy, everyone would do it. 

All of existance is for Him.

The function of the Universe is to fellowship with God and its ultimate goal is to show the glory of God.

So how do you explain what is the glory of God? It is the core of His identity, the splendor of His presence, the manifestation of His authority. It is who God is.

And where can you find it? Just have a look around. Everything that God created reflects His glory in one way or another.

Historically God has revealed His glory in different ways. First He revealed it in the Garden of Eden, then to Moses, the Tabernacle, the Temple, through Jesus and now through the church. It was portrayed as a consuming fire, a cloud and a brilliant light.

Traditionally you think that the only way to bring God glory is through praise and worship, but there are a number of other ways you can do this as well. You bring God glory not only by loving fellow believers, but also through your stewardship with your attributes, skills and talents, as well as telling people about Him. And by doing this, you ultimately bring glory to God by becoming like Christ.

Will you bring God glory in everything you do?

The world is changing more rapidly than ever. You’re rushing from one activity to the next, but you also need to build a friendship with God by sharing all your life experiences with him. He wants to be included in your daily tasks, the challenges you face, every conversation as well as each and every thought.

Praying all the time means having a conversation with God while you’re preparing meals, driving somewhere, busy with your daily grind or having a workout at the gym. There is no need to block time for God in order to worship Him.

So how do you go about doing this?

One way is to have sprint prayers – shorter simple prayers during the day instead of long sessions of complex ones, the goal being aware of the truth that God is always present.

I say sprint prayers, because to me breath prayers sound like you’re always out of breath and barely surviving. Sprinting is intentional. It’s short bursts of speed. It’s a declaration or a prayer expressed in a single breath.

Another way is what I call verse grinding. In video gaming grinding is performing repetitive tasks, usually for “experience points”, or to improve a character’s level. It simply means to reflect on verses that you read and memorized throughout the day.

Prayer (Speaking to God) and verse grinding (God speaking to you) are necessary for cultivating a friendship with God.

For each of us there is a function and goal that will give our lives meaning. This world will not last forever. The physical heaven and earth – the material world will be no more, but the kingdom of God will last forever!

Everyday our biological clocks are ticking away and that is why it’s so important to devote our lives to fellowship and stewardship in order to accomplish our mission on earth.

You need to make the most of our time and take every opportunity to share your testimony, life lessons, passions and the good news.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what career you have. All of us go through some form of trial or test during the course of our lives of which we can share how God was good to us and helped us through them.

Life is too short to try and learn everything through trial and error. If you can help someone through a lesson you’ve learned, do so, but you also need to be willing to accept advise if someone offers it, because the chances are good that they have a lesson to teach you which they have learned through their life experiences.

If uiu have a passion for something and it makes you happy, do it as often as possible.

And when people notice all of the above that uou’re doing (and believe me, they’ll notice), tell them the good news of what Jesus did for you.

Jesus said that life is a process of building, and that is exactly what the world encourages us to do, but it neglects to teach us that before the building process can begin, we need a strong foundation. Therefore we need to realize that our connection with God is also an attribute we need to develop and level up.

The amazing thing is that it’s not too late. You are not an accident. You are the hero in your game of life. You can slay any monster and have a life of abundance, but it will require you to exercise your faith.

If you put God first in all aspects of your life, success will follow you in whatever you do and wherever you go.

When all is said and done God will only ask you two questions:

1. Did you accept what His son Jesus did for uou, did you have a relationship with Him and trust Him?

2. What did you do with the attributes He blessed uou with?

For me this is what LIFE is all about, Living Intimately with God (speak to Him all the time, memorize and declare all the promises in His Word, and give Him glory in all I do), and using my atributes (what I am good at and enjoy doing) to serve others to build the kingdom For Eternity.

It doesn’t matter where you are reading this, I invite you to softly say this prayer that will change your life forever: “Jesus, thank you for what you did for me. I receive you in my life today. Amen.”

If you honestly meant that prayer, congratulations! And welcome to the family of God! You have taken the first step in discovering God’s purpose for your life.

Share the good news! Tell a friend, or share it on Social Media. Blessings!

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